Hold governors responsible for rising spate of kidnapping, banditry, ex-Speaker Na’Abba says

The growing spate of kidnapping, banditry and other forms of criminality in the country should be blamed on sitting governors, so says former Speaker, House of Representatives, Ghali Na’ Abba.

While expressing his fear on the future of Nigeria in an interview with the Sun, Na’Abba said that the governors are responsible for the insecurity situation in the country because they have refused to allow governance take place in the local governments.

When asked if the growing increase of banditry and all forms of criminality in the north is a revolution of some sort and an expression of lack of confidence in the power elite in the region, Na’ Abba disagreed with the notion.

He said; “I would like to believe that it is not that kind of revolution per se. What is happening in the first instance is a local problem between the herders and farmers, and also people who are rustling cows. And because this problem was not taken care of in the formative stages, it has convoluted and become criminality.

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“But I believe that sections of the community that were marginalized and we have many of them joined in this criminality and that is why for a very long time, some of us have been advocating that there must be proper free and fair primary electoral system in our parties so that anybody who has aspirations, could become what he wants politically.

“Honestly, our governors have refused to allow governance take place in the local governments. They are in the habits of taking away the money that belongs to the local governments and leave with them a very small amount. So, there has been no governance in the local governments, the bulk of which constitutes the rural areas. That is why most of the criminalities happen in the fringes of the cities.

“It is a very serious situation and most of them (governors) have refused to recognize the folly of the stress they put on the political system. So, the governors have to wake up and stop being selfish and begin to practice inclusive governance. What they have been doing all the years is exclusive governance. Those who feel excluded would definitely exert revenge on the people. That is what is going on,” he added.

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