As Nigeria is struggling to keep its head above water due to the economic situation, the country has been dealt another blow with the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company stopping production.

Leadership reports that the refinery stopped operation on Tuesday, May 17. According to a source, this occurred due to lack of crude oil.

“We have shut down production for now. We do not have crude supply, am sure it is due to the renewed militancy in the Niger Delta region.”

It was reported that supply of crude oil was stalled due to the activities of Niger Delta militants who have been vandalising and boB BUHARImbing pipelines in the region.

The source however claimed the refinery had enough petrol in reserve which can be managed pending the time crude oil will be supplied again.

“We will resume production as soon as we started getting crude supply from the Niger Delta. We are ready and our equipment are functional, the only problem now is the crude.”

The refinery only went into operation in April to address the issue of scarcity which the country was battling.

The activities of militants in the Niger Delta region has been an issue of concern with the most notable being the Niger Delta Avengers that has claimed responsibility for series of gas and fuel bombing in the region.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta dissociated itself from the activities of the militants and urged the people to be patient with Buhari as he needed time to fulfil his campaign promises.

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