The Nigerian Senate had the longest session in the last 20 years of its existance on Friday, the made the sacrifice in order to ensure smooth screening of Ministerial Nominees of the president Buhari.

The Senate was supposed to go on official leave by Thursday because they traditionally hold session from Tueday to Thursday but because of the list of ministerial nominees they received from the president they stayed in order to screen them and extended their working days to Friday and will continue with the Screeening by Monday.

The Senate agreed to give former legislative on the ministerial Nominees list special treatment by not asking them question and allow them to take a bow and go, the special treatment was also extended to female Nominees.

After Friday Session, President of the senate, Ahmad Lawal took to his twitter handle and thanked his colleagues for their sacrifice.

He said “Since my twenty years in the parliament, I have never witnessed such an unusual situation where Senators will seat a day-long to perform their legislative duties, screening ministers. I want to thank my colleagues for the immense sacrifice they made in this regard.”

Nigerians have since mocked the senate president for his comments.

One of those who reacted to the tweet, @FFagishtee said, “You people are the most exotic legislators in the world… Give me 1/3 of your salary and I’d work till midnight…”

Another one said he would become a robot and work “40 days and 40 nights” if paid the bogus salary the lawmakers earn.

Lanre, with the handle @Cappy_son, said the lawmakers had not done anything special. “This ain’t no sacrifice, It’s duty call,” he said.

Another Nigerian with the Twitter handle, @alphaolive, said: “I would have suggested that you should gather them (ministerial nominees) in one day and allow them to recite the second stanza of our national anthem and thereafter ask them to take a bow. After all, none of you knows the portfolio they would be deployed. This submissive collaboration will affect Nigeria much.

“Apologies sir, they are overpaid, pampered Nigerians. They should put in a good shift like the butcher in Sabo market, yam seller in Ketu market or vegetable seller in Bodija market. We must stop taking Nigeria for granted. So for 20 years, you have worked half-day for a full days wages,” tweeted Babatolly with the handle @babatolly.

Some, however, commended the lawmakers for their diligence.

Martyns Opuruichei Nsirim with the handle, @MartynsNsirim, said: “Finally, Nigeria have gotten the fit and proper Senate president whose interest is to move the nation forward working in unity with the other arms of govt. This is how democracy works. No arm is totally independent of each other. With this spirit of yours, the future looks bright.”

@Lawman283 said the 9th assembly is the Senate Nigeria has been longing for.

“The Senate we having been longing for…hardworking, synergizing with the executive arm and being firm at the same time for the good of Nigerians. Well done to you SP and also your colleagues,” @lawman283 tweeted.

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