Shila boys (file photo)

Shila boys (file photo)
The ring leader of the Shila boys terrorising residents in Adamawa, Abubakar Ibrahim, and three others have been convicted and sentenced to seven years and six months in Yola Prison.

Abubakar, 25, Shamsu Abubakar, 18 and Muslim Ibrahim, 19, are to spend their time behind bars without any option of fine.

All three were convicted by magistrate Japhet Ibrahim Basani after they were found guilty of criminal conspiracy and theft contrary to section 60 and 283 of the state penal code of law.

Who are Shila boys?

Shila boys are youths of between 15 to 25 years who engage in street larceny and have been terrorising the residents of Yola, the Adamawa state capital for years.

The gang started their acts during the administration of former governor, Muhammad Umar Jibrilla Bindow.

Their activities rose to its peak towards the 2019 general elections.

Admission and confession

The convicts who were earlier arraigned before the court admitted committing the crime and confessed to be serial offenders who attacked and dispossessed citizens of their handsets, money, bags.

The convicts were apprehended after attacking a tricycle operator who happens to be a vigilante, Allahyidi Lawan Rhumde ward of Doubeli by 3:00pm on 11th August 2021.

Allahyidi testified in court and explained to Daily Trust that he was stopped by one of the convicts for a ride to Bachure.

He said three other Shila boys including the ring leader entered his tricycle and started attacking him.

Allahyidi narrated that he had to use wisdom where he pleaded with them to stop attacking him as he is one of them and into the same business.

The business is “Dan Nawawu”, as it is popularly called in Hausa.

Upon hearing that he was a member, they stopped attacking him but confiscated his handset valued at N3,000 and carted away with his N7,000 and allowed him to go.

Allahyidi rushed to reported the incident to his colleagues who mobilised to the scene and arrested the Shila boys.

The prosecutor, Kabiru Abubakar, called a witness who corroborated the plea of the convicts and subsequently applied for summary trial during the sitting in court.

When asked, the convicts pleaded with the court to temper justice with mercy saying they have repented.

Magistrate Japhet Ibrahim Basani, held the prosecution had proved its case beyond any doubt and convicted them accordingly in his ruling.

The presiding judge had decried the activities of the boys, especially within the metropolis adding that they have become a menace to the society.

According to the court, the convicts, as well as the prosecution, can appeal the verdict if not satisfied.

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