Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province (Anglican Communion), Revd. Emmanuel Chukwuma has accused a section of the clergy of trafficking in illicit drugs.
The cleric did not mention names but said some “rascals who parade themselves as bishops also take hard drugs.”
Chukwuma, who dropped the bombshell, in Enugu, during the presentation of a book, “Terrorism and Illicit Drugs in Nigeria: My Perspective,” written by the state Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for Enugu, Mr. Anthony Ohanyere, also alleged that some soldiers fighting terrorism in the North East and militancy in the Niger Delta also take hard drugs, “although not to the knowledge of their commanders.”
The Anglican Archbishop said having been involved in the rehabilitation of drug addicts including  inmates of ‘baby factories,’ he could say authoritatively that many girls in Enugu take hard drugs especially marijuana; a major reason “they are not ashamed to indulge in prostitution.”
He disclosed that data was being compiled on street girls and those in ‘baby factories’ in the state, with particular emphasis on those that need rehabilitation including for drug addiction.
“I am the chairman of the state Committee on Adoption; so, when we go to some of these brothels and hostels where these girls are kept and impregnated, you discover that most of them are on drugs and not normal.
“Drug is also among men of God. Many of them are rascals who parade as bishops.
“When they are to be searched at airports; they try to evade it saying ‘I am a man of God.’
“But, for me, I submit myself anywhere for search.
“So, if they have their way and come back, they buy big shoes and all that and begin to shout the ‘“Lord is good,” Chukwuma stated.
He admonished youths to embrace God and sressed that coming close to God would reduce the prevalence of trafficking and abuse of illicit drug.
He, however, urged government to ensure equity and justice in the society, and also, create jobs for youths to steer them from crime and other social vices.

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