The Nasarawa state police command have arrested Mrs Grace Jacob Maisamari pictured left for killing her 4-year-old step grandson, Ritse Micah, on June 27th 2019. Grace threw Micah into a river over the hatred she had for her stepdaughter, Miracle Micah, Ritse’s mother.

In her confessional statement to the police, Grace said her stepdaughter who is a 300-level Sociology student in the state university, never allowed her enjoy her marriage to Mr Micah and so she decided to deal with her.

On the day of the incident, Miracle had gone to school, leaving Ritse with his grandfather. Grace feigned traveling to another part of the state and decided to hide somewhere until her husband went out with little Ritse. She snuck back in and hid herself inside the room where the little boy normally sleeps. When her husband returned, he took little Ritse to the room and then retired into his own room. Grace came out of the place where she was hiding, carried sleeping Ritse and travelled with him in a vehicle she had already rented. She travelled from their house in Garagu, a community in Kokona Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, to Akwanga local government area in the state where she tied him up and threw him into a well where he died from Hypoxemia.
When asked what the little boy’s offence was? Grace told the police that she had no problem with Ritse but that her grudge was with his mother who has been rude to her since she got married to her father.

“I decided to kill the innocent boy due to the attitude of his mother. After killing the boy, it dawned on me that I took the matter too far. I was restless but my anger against his mother’s attitude could not stop it from happening. Initially, I felt fulfilled and normal. I slept that night after the incident but the consequence of my action became clear after I was picked up by the police. I felt cold for the first time. I don’t know what came over me but the mother of this boy is the major problem in my marriage. She has stolen my joy since I got married to her father, it has been from one problem to another,” she lamented.
Grace is currently cooling her feet at the criminal investigation department of the Nigerian Police headquarters in Lafia and will be arraigned in court soon.


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