Following rumours later debunked about Africa’s most popular Reality Tv show, Big Brother Naija’s suspension, the competition for the N85m has continued with the housemates busy with their task and personal escapades. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM looks at the major issues in the house and eviction tomorrow

For many who don’t know, Big Brother Nigeria isn’t just about the party, skimpy clothes, show of curves and six-packs, it’s about creativity, survival strategy, budgeting, discipline, leadership , talent, endurance, success and entrepreneurial skills.

The thrills continued after many thought that Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) would be cancelled after rumour spread like wildfire across the country, especially on the social media of a reported cancellation. But it seems the organisers and sponsors of the show have heaved a sigh of relief as there wasn’t any intention to cancel it.

The first week had been tense for the housemates who though still looked fresh and are yet to feel the impact like Lucy and her gang.

Last Saturday’s night party ushered in a stress free turn up. They enjoyed themselves even though the DJ wasn’t the best.

As the days continued to count into weeks, it’s becoming clear who would be evicted from the house this Sunday.

During the Yoga session, Lucy who emerged the Head of House(HoH) was shedding crocodile tears as if she was forced to come participate in the live show. Kiddwaya is now showing the world that Benue boys aren’t just fine, but are the game changers in the society as he continues to play around Nengi, Erica and Wathoni.

When Biggie started calling Housemates to bare their souls, after the chaotic events of that transpired in the house , there was no doubt that this Diary Room session would drop more unfiltered truths than an angry child.

“You Shouldn’t Be Upset, We’re Just Friends” – Nengi Tells Ozo

Nengi and Ozo keep confusing everyone whenever they chat. When she was the HoH, and it was time to go to bed, it became obvious that the bond that Ozo and Nengi had cemented with their extended conversation made it hard for them to leave each other. If there had been any doubt about the mutual attraction, a moment like this makes it disappear.

BBNaija’s fans who are hoping for Nenji and Ozo to become a couple, have been left disappointed after Nenji clarified her relationship with Ozo. Ozo who has made it known that he is attracted to Nenji, has been friend zoned by the latter. She had questioned him on why he had been avoiding her the whole day.

Ozo then replied that it wasn’t because he helped her change the microphone battery.

She asked him not to be upset about the whole thing because at the end of the day, they were just friends and it was not like they had something more.

Lucy (HoH) Not In A Happy Mood

Lucy broke down during her diary session as she complains to Biggie about housemates not listening to her. She feels her fellow housemates are making her job as the Head of House difficult.

According to her, they refuse to take her orders and refuse to behave like adults.

She also said she felt they have ganged up against her and thus, pleaded with Biggie to come into the house and talk to them, maybe they would listen and obey him.

Speaking on her emergence as the new head of house, she said she thought of herself as the last person to win such a challenge but felt good she won.

Also, she is being dragged on social media by some Nigerian internet trolls over her choice of hairstyle and “attitude”.

Lucy, who’s currently is the Head of House for the week, was compared to a mop stick for her choice of hairstyle, as some people dragged her for not having a good attitude in the house.

In the same vein, deputy head of house, Prince believes a cross-section of the housemates are displeased with Lucy’s win as the new head of house.

According to him, he feels good in the house especially with the yoga session which helped him free his mind to become lighter, unlike when he had a lot in his mind, reflecting on his life before and after the house.

He believes Lucy is a friend and a learner who he is trying to help up because she has some flaws which the housemates find irritating and create problems with her and some people.

He mentioned the likes of Praise, Vee, Tolanibaj, and others who have had issues with her due to her approach to issues.

Kiddwaya the man of the House

BBNaija housemate, Erica, has got tongues wagging after she jokingly invited her love interest, Kiddwaya, to have a shower with her. The 26-year-old actress approached the 27-years-old entrepreneur while he was playing a game with other housemates and she said it was time for them to shower. Kiddwaya asked if she was serious but she jokingly shoved him away while he warned her not to say things she can’t handle.

Kaisha Says Ozo Should Have Won The HOH Challenge

Kaisha believes Ozo should have won the head of house challenge on Monday because he is real and has a great personality. Speaking on how she feels in the house, she said she feels good because she is receiving good vibes from fellow housemates unlike before when they acted fake and ganged up on her. To her, Lucy’s win as the head of house is just by luck, but would have preferred Ozo won because he has a great personality and acts real in the house.

She also added that she is 100 per cent confident she will escape eviction on Sunday.

Some of the people that might face eviction this Sunday are Tolanibaji , Brighto, Praise, Ka3na, Tochi, Kaisha, Lilo and Eric. Lucy who would have certainly left the house was lucky to have won the Head of House and is free from eviction this Sunday.

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