Akure-A leading governorship aspirant of the All Progressive Congress APC in Ondo state, Dr Olusegun Abraham Saturday alleged that his colleagues that were not sure of their chances had “kidnapped” delegates.
He spoke while featuring on a personality programme of Adaba FM station in Akure.

According to him out of their desperation, some aspirants invited some delegates to a meeting but later held them hostage.

“These delegates who never knew the intention of the desperate aspirants went for the meeting but only to be confined and never allowed to go home’, he said.

Abraham lashed his co-aspirants Rotimi Akeredolu for his comment against the National Leader of the party, Bola Tinubu and described his comment as unfortunate and an ungrateful act.

Akeredolu had few days ago on the state Radio station said that it was not Tinubu that made him the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) candidate in the governorship election held in 2012.

He also said that Tinubu had lost his national leadership of the party by endorsing an aspirant ahead of the forthcoming APC primary.

Abraham described the statement as an act of disrespect to one’s benefactor.

“Without our National Leader, President Buhammadu Buhari would not have won the ticket of the APC in 2015 and he would not have become the president of Nigeria.

“The National Leader was being accused of imposing me, I was not imposed. Endorsement is different from imposition. Those who regarded the two as the same do not what they were saying.

“The National Leader only said I am a preferred aspirant that can deliver the state for APC in the coming election.

“There is still going to be primary election and delegates know who they are going to vote for and who can win election for the APC.

“I have met the delegates and they have assured me that they are for me. If we hold the primary election today, I shall have nothing less than 85 per cent of their votes”,

While saying that he supported the party’s candidate in 2012 election, Abraham pointed out that he expected that he would enjoy the same treatment from other aspirants now that he had been endorsed.

The aspirant advised the delegates to be careful of empty promises so they are not disappointed.

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