So I thought it’s cool to share with you all some essentials needed for this period which should guide our buying.

Please note that it’s just a general guide, so please feel free to customize it to your specific needs.

(1) DRY FOODS: Stock up dry foods such as grains, spaghetti, flours, yam, garri, noodles, spices, oils, cooking condiments, matches or lighter and every other kitchen necessities with long shelf life.

(2) WATER: Good supply of drinkable water cannot be over estimated at this period.

(3) FIRST AID: Store up first aid medications such as paracetamol, anti – diarrhoea medicines, mentholated spirit, cotton wool and every other functioning first aid kit.

(4) FOR KIDS: If you have children in the house, don’t forget to store up snacks, drinks and toys or games for them.

(5) HYGIENE: Ensure that all things needed for your general sanitization and personal hygiene are not compromised. Things like sanitary pads, tissue papers, bathing soaps, tooth brush, shaving creams or sticks, tooth paste, washing soaps, detergents, bleach, vinegar, masks, gloves, sanitizer, body creams, water for laundry and bathing.

(6) CONNECTION: Remember to stay connected! Ensure to pay your utility, internet connection, airtime and cable bills.

(7) CASH: Have accessible physical cash and credited debit cards at home so you don’t get stranded when you run out of supplies.

(cool RECREATION: Stock up on relaxation games either board games or cards, movies and music.

(9) SPIRITUAL FOOD: Most importantly, stock up food for your SPIRIT. Spiritual books, tapes, worship compilations, anointing oil and communion items i.e communion bread or wafers and wine.

(10) Now that you have all these, do remember to stay at home, stay safe, wash more, pray more and panic less!

God Bless You