Tears flowed freely on Monday, February 6, 2017 in the oil rich city of Warri, Delta state at the burial of a fresh 24 year old Nigerian medical doctor, Dr. Nancy Oghenetega Appih.

She was born on July 6, 1992. She graduated on June 24, 2016 from the prestigious Ivana-Frankivsk National Medical University in Ukraine.

Dr. Nancy returned to the country immediately after her graduation and completing all necessary requirements for her certificate.


the 24 year old Doctor while in school in Ukraine

But the cold hands of death snatched away the 24 year old medical doctor full of dreams and vigour on January 31, 2017, after a brief illness despite being a medical doctor with all the attention given to her by her parents.

Between when she returned to the country and the time she died is approximately eight months and her medical knowledge that would have added to the development of the nation’s medical research had been cut off and the knowledge perished. Mother of the Redeemer Catholic Church, Effurun, venue of her funeral service was filled to capacity on Monday, February, 6, 2017.

Fourteen Catholic Priests officiated at the funeral service of the first child of Chief Efe Appih, the chairman of Delta state branch of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers ( NIESV).

Rev. Fr. Anthony Ewherido who presided over the ceremony, said though the journey of the late medical doctor was short, she lived a fulfilled life.


The remains of 24 year old Dr. Nancy being carried for burial

Ewherido said: “Resurrection put an end to death. Right now, our hearts are heavy as a result of the passage of our beloved Dr. Nancy Oghenetega Appih. But let me tell you, she is not dead. Nancy is alive with Jesus Christ.

According to him: “Since January 31, 2017, when she passed on, people have been asking same question of why her and why now? Only God can answer that question. But we pray that the good Lord will take good care of her for us. “There was nothing Dr. Appih left undone on earth. We thank God that she was a wonderful person. The Holy Spirit will keep her parents and those close to her.”

He also stated: “Dr. Nancy had the best of medical and spiritual care when she was sick. But it pleased the Lord to take her away from us. May God give us long life.

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