A popular teenage girl was stripped of her clothing and buried alive after she left a nightclub with an older man.

Agustina Imvinkelried, 17 years old, had enjoyed a night of drinking and dancing at a local club.

The teenager left the party alone around 5:50 a.m., and was seen getting into the car of a 39-year-old man identified as Pablo Sebastian Trionfini.

Several days later, the girl was found buried in the woods. The teen’s body was half undressed with ripped clothing and underwear pulled down to her ankles.

Soil was in her lungs, showing that the girl was buried alive and died in agony.

Surveillance video shows young Agustina leaving alone from the nightclub in the town of Esperanza, Argentina.

She was walking unsteadily and appeared heavily intoxicated.

The teen was dressed fashionably in high heels and a short skirt as she walked home alone. Police say the girl’s appearance likely attracted the attention of 39-year-old Pablo Trionfini.

Mr. Trionfini invited the young partygoer into his car. The drunk 17-year-old girl entered the older man’s car willingly, according to witnesses who saw the pair drive off together.

But instead of taking her home, Mr. Trionfini pulled pretty Agustina from the car and attempted to violate the girl in the forest.

The teenager’s clothing was ripped from her body as she struggled against the sexual attack, police say. The girl was strangled and beaten, with her face badly bruised.

Mr. Trionfini then dug a shallow hole and buried the nearly unclad girl while she was still breathing, according to the report.

Agustina regained consciousness as she was buried alive. The 17-year-old suffered as she suffocated in the ground, investigators found.

The body of the missing teen was uncovered after several days of searching. The girl was found with her clothing ripped and her underwear pulled down her legs.

The medical examiner found dirt in the teenager’s lungs, indicating the girl struggled frantically to breathe as she was buried alive and died in pain.

The medical report also states that the terrified girl urinated on herself in her agonizing final moments.

When police searched the home of Pablo Trionfini – the only suspect in the incident – he reportedly had hanged himself with a rope.

Investigators found muddied boots, gloves and a shovel at his home.

Mr. Trionfini had announced his engagement to marry his long-term girlfriend on social media, the very same day that he allegedly attacked the teenage girl.

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