After viewing wedding photos​ of so called modest deeper life girls I was surprised to discover that these girls that are getting married are literally babies, they are 22, 23,24&25 years old, you can still see their baby faces. What is pressuring these girls to get married too early, I don’t know. Are they marrying too early because they want to avoid fornicating? Are they marrying too early because they don’t want to be like that 38 years old single woman who let all the good guys go whilst she was young?

Instead of giving their true Adam time to find them they rush and get married to male demons who approcah them as an angel. I will advise these modest girls to realise that they are still babies at 22,23,24&25. They should realize that marriage is not a joking matter, they should realize that once you marry someone you are committing ±50 years of your life, they should realize that they are targets of male agents of Satan that want to marry them, they should not rush into marriage just because they are burning and don’t want to commit fornication, they should realize that the 38 year old Christian single woman is blessed and better off than the 23 year old Christian woman who married early to a male demon.

Give your true Adam time to find you, don’t let male demons poach you out at an early age. Let’s say you leave uni at 23, I suggest you research at least 5 years before getting married, research the kind of world you live in and those that inhabit it, come online to research, don’t base your marital selection on the advice of anyone, not even on the advice of the elderly Christian women in your church​, not even on the advice of your pastor, mother, sister, brother or father, for all these people I mentioned may yet be agents of Satan who are setting you up to marry a male demon.

also, don’t be confident in your gentleness and reclusion, don’t believe that just because you are a good girl, the world will automatically reward you with a good man, in most cases what you will get is a male demon that pretends to be a modest Christian therefore and just like Paul advised, singleness with celibacy is your best option, but if you desire to get married and have children, then rushing to get married too early may not necessarily be the way, you need to be bold, aggressive and not reclusive, you need to use any means necessary to expose yourself to as many single “Adams” as you can, note that such true Adams and even Eve’s are statistically rare in the population, you need to have done years of research to know​ the type of world you live in, the evil beings that inhabit it and how to prevent yourself from marrying a false Christian man.

also, deceivers will advise you to pray for a husband, that’s like advising an unemployed woman to pray for a job and telling her not to physically go from office to office to drop her CV. my advise to you is this, if you want a true Adam as a husband, you have to come out and fight for it, if you are confident in your reclusion and gentleness, if you lack aggression, if you are ignorant of the evil that inhabit the earth due to your lack of research then you be easily be poached by the false Christian man for marriage.

note that the Christian woman has a higher risk of marrying a false Christian than the male Christian, why? because it’s easier for a male demon to walk up to a Christian woman to court her than for a female demon to walk up to a Christian man to court him. I’m very sure that most of these true Christian girls will be surprised with the speed with which they got a man that wants to marry them, yes male demons will approach you at your early because they don’t want the true Christian man to find you first.

note that there is no Christian attribute that a false Christian man or woman cannot imitate in order to deceive you into marriage this literally means there’s no way you can tell who is a true Christian man and who is not. a man who appears modest, prays with you and who even preaches about hell may yet be a false Christian man. can you now see there’s no way of telling who is who? but yet there are ways, you need to come specifically online more to research, there are some information you will not be given in your church, such information are only available online.

To conclude, singleness with celibacy is the safest, but if you want marriage then you need not reclusion and gentleness but maturity, years of research, boldness and aggression.

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