The Special Adviser on Media & Publicity to President Muhammad Buhari, Mr Femi Adesina, has said that those who are doubting the veracity of the recently released photos of the visit of the Senate President and Chairman of the National Assembly, Senator Bukola Saraki and the leadership of both the Senate and House of Representatives to President Muhammadu Buhari in London are nothing but haters, greedy… and that Buhari will not speak to Nigerians because he has a right to his vacation and we Nigerians need not in intrude. 

Adesina during a programme, This Morning on TVC, on Thursday anchored by Yori Folarin said that ‘Mr. President will not speak to Nigerians because he has the ‘right to his vacation, we don’t need to intrude ‘

He also went on to say that yesterday during the Federal Executive Council meeting President Buhari passed a massage to the Acting President and the FEC and that sooner than later Buhari will be back. On how he and his team were handing the President’s health issue and yearning that Buahari speak to the people Adesina said it is a matter of opinion and that those they are welcome to their opinion as there are some people who don’t want to believe the words of others and no mater what you say or do you have not done it well hence you leave them to their opinion. Adesina further said ‘Buahri has his right to his vacation if Buhari will speak to Nigerians it will be his choice his prerogative, we don’t need to intrude what some people want to do is to ram it dawn his throat willy willy it is a point of principle that Buhari is not speaking to Nigerians

’ The leader of Nigeria’s Senate on Thursday said President Muhammadu Buhari was well after visiting him in London, trying to dispel rumours about the state of his health. Bukola Saraki on Wednesday travelled to the British capital with the majority leader in the Senate, Ahmed Lawan, and the speaker of the lower House of Representatives, Yakub Dogara. It was the latest political delegation to visit 74-year-old Buhari at Nigeria’s official diplomatic residence, where he has been staying for nearly a month.

Saraki said in a statement on his Facebook page that Buhari was “healthy” and there was “no cause for alarm”. The head of state was “cheerful and in good spirits”, he added. In a separate series of Tweets, he added there was “no vacuum in government” and “all organs of government (are) fulfilling their mandate”. A tweet on Buhari’s own Twitter account late on Wednesday said he appreciated the visit and thanked “Nigerians, Christians and Muslims alike, for their prayers and kind wishes for my health”.

Unlike some heads of state and government, Buhari does not initial tweets he writes himself. Photographs showed him meeting the politicians looking apparently relaxed. Buhari’s health has been the subject of increasing concern in Nigeria since he extended his stay in London earlier this month, just as he was scheduled to return to Abuja.

The presidency has repeatedly insisted he is not seriously unwell but was awaiting the results of medical tests. The former army general, who headed a military regime in the 1980s, received treatment for what his office said was a persistent inner ear infection in London in June last year. The health of Nigeria’s president is a sensitive issue given the death in 2010 of president Musa Umaru Yar’Adua from a long-standing, but previously undisclosed, kidney complaint. His initial illness and treatment in hospital abroad triggered months of political uncertainty. His deputy, Goodluck Jonathan, took over on Yar’Adua’s death.

Buhari’s number two, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, is deputising during his absence.

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