Abubakar Bagudu: In the plunder machine that late kleptocrat Abacha set up, Mr Bagudu was the most prolific bagman, court documents show.

“Abubakar Atiku Bagudu was an associate of General Abacha and his sons who participated in the conspiracy to steal and launder hundreds of millions of dollars,” American investigators told the court. “Among other things, Bagudu played an instrumental role in setting up and executing the complicated financial transactions used to launder the proceeds of the conspiracy.”

Mr Bagudu was involved with all the offshore front companies and bank accounts – from the British Virgin Islands to Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, England, Paris, Guernsey, and Jersey – used to steal and launder billions of dollars belonging to Nigeria under the Abacha regime. He acted as a director and in some cases as a signatory of accounts or prime beneficiary, court documents revealed.

He was behind the latest recovery in the UK alongside Mohammed Abacha.

Mr Bagudu, who was a former senator, has been the governor of Nigeria’s northwestern Kebbi State since 2015 and is an ally of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Gilbert Chagoury: Mr Chagoury is a Nigerian-born businessman of Lebanese descent. He is the founder of the Chagoury Group, whose multi-billion-dollar assets span construction, manufacturing, real estate, and hotels. He has accrued an infamous track record for decades.

Mr Chagoury was convicted in 2000 of money laundering and aiding a criminal organisation. In the 1990s, he set up accounts with SG Ruegg Bank in Geneva for the Abacha family enabling them to benefit from illegal transfers of over $120 million from the Central Bank of Nigeria and secured immunity from prosecution, court documents showed.

He later paid $600,000 in fines to the court in Geneva, Switzerland, and refunded $66 million to the Nigerian government.



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