The fight against insurgency in Nigeria has yielded another success with the killing of a female member of the once dreaded Boko Haram.

Female Boko Haram fighter killed in confrontation with security forces

The female Boko Haram was reportedly killed in a confrontation with security forces

The sect was recently routed out of the Sambisa forest, a vast area bordering Borno state, the most affected with other neighbouring states in the north-east.

Though the name of the female fighter has not been made known at the time of this report, it has brought to the fore a new narrative.

Before this most recent incident, it was believed that the Boko Haram sect mainly used men as fighters while the members victimized the womenfolk using them as spies and lacing them with improvised explosive devices for detonation at spots.

This has continued even after the Nigerian Army, with support from the civilian-Joint Task Force (CJTF), led by Muazu Alhaji Misiya, has decimated the camp of the insurgents.

Misiya, who posted the photographs, expressed shock that the fighter was actually thought to be a man until she was killed.

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