A young Yoruba man living in UK and the President of Young Yorubas for Freedom,Adeyinka Grandson,has threatened to destroy the north with biological and chemical weapon.He was reported to the Metropolitan Police today by Kayode Ogundamisi.Below is what he wrote….

‘Public Notice:

When I told you that my appointment as the President of the Young Yorubas for Freedom is not a job for the faint of heart and that I am not faint of heart, I wasn’t joking.

The horrible Yoruba souls like Kayode Ogundamisi, and others reported me to the Metropolitan Police earlier today after my video on our first public actions to take over Yorubaland.

Remember in 2015, when I attended a Police Station within the Thames Valley Police area seeking help, but was assaulted and almost killed by two white Police officers in England, it was Kayode Ogundamisi of Sahara Reporters who fabricated a fake story about the incident whilst I had expected the Yoruba living in England to come to my aid. They do not. But my English friends and counsel helped out and I was found not guilty after which I filed a case against the Police for unlawful arrest and detention, assault and malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.

Today again, gullible Yorubas who are working for the interests of the Gambari and led by horrible souls, including, Kayode Ogundamisi, and others reported me to the Police.

Take note of this information. The Young Yoruba for Freedom are leading to use biological and chemical weapons to protect and safeguard the welfare and interests of the Yoruba nation and her people from the Hausa, Fulani and the Federal Government of Nigeria, if and when we are ever attacked. We don’t want restructuring anymore. We want Oduduwa Republic.

I am now the public face of the struggle to free the Yoruba nation and her people from the political establishment in Nigeria. Trust me, we are going to break up Nigeria before 2019.



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