UK based Pat Willis Eco Ltd organisation, which specializes in health and social systems solutions is set to collaborate, share and support its best knowledge in its Elder’s Health and Social Care Services with the newly introduced Nigerian Government HEPIQ-PROJECT health care delivery system aimed at bringing medical succour to its aging population estimated to be about 18 million. It is estimated that thousands of the elderly die every year from chronic diseases that can be prevented or controlled to achieve healthy and productive lives.

The HEPIQ-PROJECT is aimed at addressing the fundamental pillars that ensures healthy aging through significant reduction of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality of the aged in Nigeria.

According to a statement signed by Pat Willis Eco‘s Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Vincent Akin Williams, ”We believe that the five factors below, in combination, make us a unique and essential improvement partner for the Federal Ministry of Health’s HEPIQ-C project, nationally and internationally.

”These five factors are: Are people-focused, independent, driven by co-production principles in our ways of working, and in elder’s care services by hearing their voice and supportive; Operate at policy development, strategic and operational levels, with a golden thread of what works in practice; Benefit from huge reach and a vast knowledge/evidence base, including e-learning tools and resources, alongside topical blogs and articles; Offer a range of flexible and tailored input (training, consultancy, topic expertise, research, evaluation, facilitation, coaching) and Work in highly collaborative ways, including levering in others where this might lead to better solutions and outcomes.” the statement explained.

”We plan as Nigerians in diaspora to use our expertise and international
exposures to provide and network towards the implementation of the policy frame work of healthcare for the aged, and also ensure continued growth and success of the programme.

”Our international network will support in improving the Federal Ministry of Health’s HEPIQ-C programme for better performances and sustainability. The current government wind of change and zero tolerance to corruption is down with us in diaspora.

”We are therefore committed to contributing towards achieving this meaningful health intervention of the government.

”Our orgarnisation acknowledges the positive impact you have made so far in the health sector in Nigeria, especially in the areas of cancer control and revitalization of the primary health care centres nationwide.
Pat Willis Eco Ltd through its Corporate Social Responsibility subscribes health and safety awareness and shares with the health ministry thoughts on the need for the elder’s welfare.

”To this end we wish to forward our hands of commitment through effective collaboration as stated by the President during the National Summit on Healthy Ageing.

”We are very determined to collaborate on the HEPIQ-C project in the areas of health and social care system strengthening for the aged.” the statement affirmed.

Beyond the shores of Nigeria Akin Williams disclosed how numerous agencies with passion and affection for Nigeria health care delivery system, especially as it bothers on its aged citizens

Meanwhile the Federal government has restated its commitment to address the health and social challenges of the elderly in Nigeria through its healthcare package.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Dr Saidu Dumbulwa, the Coordinator, Healthcare Package for Improving Quality Care on Ageing Population in Nigeria (HEPIQ-C), Federal Ministry of Health, said the federal government would address the health and social needs of the elderly in the country through the HEPIQ-C project.

The coordinator said that the project was designed to advance elderly peoples’ health and address some developmental issues relating to the aged in Nigeria.

Dumbulwa said that the federal government had developed a national policy frame work on healthy ageing for the elderly to ensure adequate attention to the elderly.

According to him, the focus of the framework will be to come up with an appraisal of programme work, address key bottlenecks and proposed strategic direction and guidance for implementation.

He said the implementation of the project would start with the training of healthcare workforce and research reviews to identify opportunities and develop strategies for successful programme transition and sustainability.

Dumbulwa however called for synergy between the ministry and social development partners to ensure quality healthcare delivery for the elderly.

He said that the ministry would continue to evaluate the demand and supply side of healthcare for the elderly in Nigeria to enhance quality care for the aged population.

He also called for adequate training for health workers in Nigeria to provide them with skills needed to deliver appropriate support and care to the elderly.

Dumbulwa said that the ministry was already collaborating with relevant institutions and organisations across the world to provide appropriate healthcare for the elderly through training and research.

He said that the collaboration was to deliver the demand and supply side of the healthcare workforce to meet the healthcare requirements for the ageing population in the country.

The coordinator said that the number of the elderly in Nigeria was growing at a fast rate, adding that more people will be in need of healthcare.

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