Unity Bank Plc this morning launched a massive termination of appointment of over 200 staff of the Bank. Very sad about the news is that a nairalander who has put in over 5yrs working for the Bank was affected, in his words he stated that he was at a time threatened by his regional manager that he has no much time left that he is afraid he might recommend him for sack which has come to materialise now. However we learnt that Unity Bank does not have any severance package for these set of staff sacked.unity-bank
But the Bank wasnt very open as to whether the staff laid off are entitled to a certain severance or not. This is what we are set to find out as efforts are in place to take a very serious legal action if the bank fails to duly settle the layed off workers.
The Nairalander who was affected complained that by the Gimmick policy of the Bank those who has spent over five years like him beginning from july 2011 to date of termination might only get a month salary in lieu of notice which is N61, 000 only. The point here is that a confirmed staff of a Bank like Unity Bank is laid off without pocketing home at least N2m is indeed pathetic after spending such number of years in service of the Bank without issue.

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