The naked church appeared in the US state of Virginia. A Catholic priest allowed believers to attend his sermons naked. In doing so, he refers to the Bible, where it is said that Adam and Eve were naked and did not hesitate about it.

Naked church: Why do people worship naked?

Pastor Allen Parker told The Daily Mail that he made such an unprecedented decision, as other parishes pay too much attention to clothing. On the contrary, it helps people overcome these remnants of materialism and makes them truly free. So there appeared a church where members worship naked.

And besides, according to him, in all the key moments described in the Bible, a person always appeared naked, for example, during the crucifixion or resurrection of Jesus Christ. Nudity, according to the plan of the pastor, should remind believers that they are all the same under the clothes. ‘If God created us in such way how could it be bad?’ – Allen Parker asks.

Naked church: Why do people worship naked?

But, despite the fact that parishioners were allowed to visit the church where they worship are naked, a lot of people prefer to attend church dressed. However, there are those who bare only separate parts of the body, such as the chest or genitals.

‘We are people, we have scars, but there is all the same. It’s about learning to accept and love it,’ explained the priest-innovator of American naked church.

It is worth noting that this church conducts the nude wedding ceremonies. At the same time, not only people who marry are naked church members, but also their guests are exposed being without clothes. They are called to throw off their clothes before the young men utter an oath of loyalty.

Other priests and religious leaders have different opinions according to this innovation. However, none has dared to do the same yet.

Naked church: Why do people worship naked?

Would you like to have a nude church where people worship naked in your city? Do you think Nigeria should have naked church unveiled?


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