The self-acclaimed leader of Bakassi Strike Force (BSF) in Cross River State, Simply Benjamin, popularly known as G1, yesterday said he will continue to fight the cause of the Bakassi people unless the Green Tree Agreement is observed by all the parties and the military withdraws from Bakassi Local Government Area.image

Benjamin, who is wanted by the army in connection with alleged criminal activities in the state, especially within the Calabar-Bakassi axis, including the killing of a soldier early September, made his position known in a signed statement circulated yesterday. This was the first time the controversial militant will react to reports about his activities, which security operatives consider illegal.

The BSF leader, who claimed to be a freedom fighter and not a terrorist said: “Again, I want to unequivocally state that I am not a terrorist as people outside are made to believe; but I will not sit down and allow my people suffer from intimidation, neglect and oppression.

I only request that Bakassi people should not be treated like second class citizens in their country. “We demand that the modalities stipulated in the Green Tree Agreement be followed to the latter and logical conclusion.

We again demand the withdrawal of the military from Bakassi because we are civilized people who know our rights.” According to him, Bakassi was ceded to Cameroun without recourse to human rights provision, stipulating the involvement of the people in decisions concerning them.

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