President Mohammadu Buhari’s All Progressive Congress APC Governor from Kebbi state, Atiku Bagudu has been offered a free return ticket to the United States of America so as to clear his name once for all allegation of involvement in Abacha’s loot instead of running from one court to the other trying to prevent his pre-election suit.

Governor Abubakar Bagudu of Kebbi state and late Head of state, General Sani Abacha

The youths, Northern Youth coalition made this known in a press release issued and signed by Malan Bandiya Birnin kebbi.

They also offered to provide hotel accommodation and feeding for Governor Atiku Bagudu.

The group warned judges in the country on the payroll of Governor Atiku Bagudu to stop granting frivolous orders and technicalities to obstruct his journey out of office contending that shopping for court technicalities to prevent something as simple as going out of office was confirmation of Governor Atiku Bagudu’s culpability in the alleged Abacha’s loot

The youths said by going to the US and returning to Nigeria, Governor Atiku Bagudu would have cleared his name once and for all and put the US government that declared him wanted to shame permanently

They said no Nigerian will reject the opportunity of going to the US free of charge and if Governor Atiku Bagudu is afraid of being extradited to the US, he should accept the free accommodation and feeding for one week that we are offering him

They advised him to voluntarily go to the United States of America and clear his name over the Abacha’s loot allegation against him, rather than wait until he is extradited.

The group said Governor Bagudu’s lawyers should have advised him also to go and defend himself

“Crime does not go away, it does not expire. It will continue to rear its head, nobody can claim he is guilty or innocent until he goes to clear this mess,” The group said.

The group encouraged him to consider his reputation, family and Nigeria as a country‎ to clear his name.

“For the sake of himself, his family, his hardworking, honest people of Kebbi state, he should travel to get justice‎. It is simple, if they are looking for you, buy a ticket and go and defend yourself.

“It is like they say they are looking for Malan Bandiya Birnin Kebbi for drug trafficking. I would buy a ticket and go to the embassy and say ‘here I am, please give me a visa let me go

“Let Us tell the whole world, crime never goes away. This is the mistake a lot of people make and it is also part of our problem in this country; we don’t know the law, we don’t know our rights, we don’t read, we don’t learn. It is a simple matter.

“Crime does not go away. If you have committed a crime and you have not served the punishment for that crime, let us assume you committed a crime at age 21, you can go on till you are 90, the day you are caught you will be tried and you will serve the punishment.

“He is our Governor; some of us from his state will escort him to ensure he gets justice. We know he will get justice. Let him clear this for the sake of Kebbi state, for the sake of Nigeria. It is just a question of taking a flight to defend himself.

The NYO reiterate its position that Atiku Bagudu was afraid of being extradited to the US to face trial for alleged mastermind Abacha’s loot nothing that he only needs a trip to the US to clear his name.

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