The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State chapter, has declared that kidnap victims and affected Christian families, Churches and communities have paid over N300 million as ransom to kidnappers as at August 2019.

It further said that the cumulative amount so far paid as at January 11, 2020, is estimated to be about N400 million.

In a statement its Chairman, Rev Joseph Hayab, CAN which the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) harped on, expressed shock at both the Federal Government and the Kaduna State government seeming body language as being overwhelmed by the cruel crimes committed by the kidnappers and bandits.

CAN noted that the defenceless victims and the affected communities are left to their own fate in the hands of the blood thirsty militiamen.

The statement further said; “It is sad that it is the same communities who are victims of these mass murders, kidnappings, arsons, lootings, rapings and other mindless evils that are forced to pay their assailants huge sums to gain their freedom or that of their loved ones.

“It is from this money that we believe, the invaders use to purchase more arms and enlarge their operations against the next community.

“We fear that with the unchecked boldness that these heinous crimes against humanity are spreading, there is a systematic plan to wipe out our communities and take over our lands.


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