Three brothers yesterday told journalists in Ilorin, Kwara State that they killed two women and implicated their elder brother because he had a larger portion of the father’s inheritance.

The siblings, Saidi Amadu, Idris Amadu and Quadri Ayodele, were paraded by the police. The men allegedly murdered a patent medicine dealer, Rohimat Kehinde and her assistant, Fasilat Azeez, at Alapa last month.IGP N

They, however, told the police that the crime was committed by their elder brother, Ayodele Adama. Adama was arrested and charged to court and is currently in prison facing trial. Police, however, later discovered the crime was by the trio during further investigations. Some people overheard them boat that they had succeeded in removing the obstacle to their full inheritance.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sam Okaula, said the father of the suspects had left them the inheritance and that Adama got the largest part to the consternation of the others. He said: “We now have the duty of bringing the innocent man out of the prison.”

Okaula said the trio had confessed that their elder brother knew nothing about the crime. The police also paraded the 30-year-old welder, Segun Bamidele, who allegedly beheaded a farmer, Sunday Owolabi, for ritual purposes.

Bamidele told journalists he committed the crime in a drunken state and also because Owolabi had been stealing kolanuts from his farm where they shared boundary.

Journalists were shocked when the suspect brought out the decomposing skull of his victim from a bowl on the premises of the state Police Command Headquarters. N arrating what happened, Bamidele said: “I am here because I killed a man. The man was known to have mental challenge.

Actually we have been having misunderstanding because we share farm boundary and each time our kolanuts drop he would just take them. On the day of the incident actually I was very drunk and I didn’t even know what I was doing again. It was after I had done it and there was nowhere to dispose it that I went to bury it and ran to Lagos.

The police later traced me to Lagos and that was how I was arrested.”

It was gathered that he attacked his victim, who was bent down tilling the ground, from behind and macheted his two legs to ensure he would not be able to run. Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sam Okaula said the suspect took operatives to the bush where he had hid his victim’s head while the cutlass with which he did the act was also recovered.

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