Mohammed Ali Gajiram

Mohammed Ali Gajiram

A member of the Borno State House of Assembly under the All Progressives Congress, Mohammed Ali Gajiram, says the party was willing to kill as many people as it would take for the APC to win the forthcoming 2023 general elections in the State.

The politician of Kanuri origin publicly made this threat recently, while speaking to an audience that is believed to be members of the party at an event.

Some of his followers argue that Mr Gajiram was misinterpreted, however, in the video, he was recorded saying in Kanuri: “If they dare come out, there is no one as brave as them. Let them come out, we’ll beat them blue-black with sticks. Let them come and see, even the last time they came, it was because we weren’t in town, but now we’re back, let them come and meet us. If we do not deal with them, we’re not born lawfully.”

He then ended his speech by saying that the APC must win the 2023 elections, even if they had to kill so many.

It could be understood from his utterances in the video that he was tagging some members of another political party as descendants of Boko Haram who can not be entrusted with state power.

Mr Gajiram is a member of the ruling APC from the Nganzai Local Government Area of Borno State. As well as a politician, he is also an Islamic scholar.

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