1. For Architect Fifi Ejindu there is no hiding place as her good works have continued to speak for her even though she might have decided to lie low for some time. In far away Washington DC, the founder of African Arts and Fashion WeeIMG_20160516_144058k, Washington DC AAFWDC, Uche Ibezue took to the media a few days ago to praise her to high heavens for her support for her fashion programme. Uche Ibezue, who was speaking on a radio programme in the US, described Princess Fifi Ejindu in superlative terms as her mentor, sister, role model and prayer partner; one curious aspect of the pretty industrialist’s life not many people really know about.
    The AAFWDC boss also disclosed that Fifi is indeed the Patron of her programme, which she has supported through her philanthropy, describing her as humble and in her words, ‘Not even her position as one of the richest women in Africa stops her from always being humble, dependable, supportive and of course, God fearing.’
    Fifi Ejindu is believed to have started her up with the AAFWDC as one of the direct beneficiaries of her foundation, African Fashion and Arts Initiative  which was set up shortly after she decided it was time to start giving back to society full time, a couple of years ago. Since then a couple of individuals and organisations that are into arts and fashion have been singled out for financial support and mentoring by Fifi..

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