Eccentric Nigerian entertainer Saeon Moruda has spoken on her kind of man . In a recent chat, she explained that she likes her man tall, masculine and whatnot for her to consider dating him.  As a result, she doesn’t fancy an affair with a Wizkid, instead she prefers cash to dating a guy of his height and physique Eccentric pop singer and rapper Saeon Moruda might be starting a new vortex of controversy with a recent statement she made regarding Afro pop star Wizkid.SAEON

In a recent chat with Pulse Tv, the sexy performer who adopts a Tomboy outlook revealed that Wizkid cannot handle her. She gave the response when asked if she’d prefer to date Wizkid or opt for an offer of five million naira cash in exchange.  She said: “Wizkid cannot handle me. He can’t handle me because I like my mine tall, I like to climb, run and jump so.” She then went on to shout out to him, adding that if he was a much taller guy she might consider dating him to the money. She said: “Shout out to Wizkid. If you had said someone else that was taller, I would have considered it.” Both entertainers somewhat have a history, which is what makes this whole episode pretty interesting. In 2014, Saeon featured the Ojuelegba crooner on her party jam Boogie Down and she reportedly paid a huge sum to get the collaboration done, after which she accused him of not supporting the song’s promotion as she expected. She said of the situation in an Instagram post: “Folks be like I never charge artistes for features, but I’m 1.5m short and I couldn’t even get a retweet, anyway it’s turn by turn…” In recent times, Saeon who’d previously been embroiled in a few controversies got back on the track to reinventing her career. In May, 2016, she started by writing an open letter which chronicled her journey in the entertainment industry, her growing up and how much she’s had to sacrifice to make her music career a reality. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Saeon continues her journey into mainstream prominence. Credit: Ife Pinkies/ Sunmisola Olorunnisola.

Born Seun Oni, the entertainer called her new style the “BoyChick with the 87Swags” which is basically about a fierce, dauntless female singer and rapper with the persona of a guy in aspects of her delivery, impressions on stage and more. Seun Oni more commonly referred to as Saeon Moruda is a Nigerian rapper and R&B singer. She is originally from Ibadan although she soent most of her early years in Festac town, Lagos. She attended Queens College, Lagos and then Babcock University for her degree. After her return from England for post graduate studies, she delved into music and it has been a growing process ever since.
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