A woman has abandoned a set of twins since December 16, 2016 on the pretext that her husband could not pay the hospital bills

– Her husband however claims Sarah’s action did not arise from the fact that he couldn’t pay the money owed the hospital

-It was however gathered that Sarah may have fled not only because of the hospital bills but because she didn’t plan to be pregnant with twins

Mother of 5 abandons newborn twins over hospital bills in Lagos

Sarah Ademola, a mother, freshly delivered of babies, has fled the Felken Maternity Centre located on Awofodu Street, Pedro bus stop, Somolu area of Lagos state, abandoning two newborn girls in the process.

The Punch reports that Sarah abandoned the set of twins on December 16, 2016 on the pretext that her husband Adeyemi Ademola could not pay the sum of N150,000 owed the hospital.

Despite his challenges in fulfilling his obligation to the hospital, Adeyemi who spoke to The Punch insisted that Sarah’s action did not arise from the fact that he couldn’t pay the money owed the hospital.

He said: “Sarah is my second wife. I had been married to my first wife for some time and when she didn’t conceive, family members started mounting pressures on us. When the pressure was unbearable, she told me to go ahead and get someone that could give me a child.

“In less than two years after I met this one (Sarah), she conceived. I was not at home on the day she was delivered of the twins. I was asked to pay N300,000 for the medical bills and from where I was, I sent N20,000 as a deposit. Because of the nature of my job, I couldn’t make it to the hospital immediately.

“But when I was off duty, I visited the hospital. At a point, I begged the management to give me some time and that I would pay them by installment, but they refused.

He added: “On the day she ran away, I emptied my account and withdrew N60,000 through the Automated Teller Machine to make the money N150,000. I begged them to allow me to write an undertaking, and that I would not default, and that I would pay them.

“There are people owing me as well. Somebody is owing me N1.5m, another person has been owing me N280,000 since 2008, and I didn’t kill those people because of that. So, why can’t they be patient with me too?

“Now, I was told the Divisional Police Officer of Somolu Police Station wants to see me and I have been given a letter; I don’t understand all these drama?”

Adeyemi, who claims to have deleted Sarah’s number from his mobile phone, also told The Punch that he has not seen the mother-of-five since she fled the maternity.

“I don’t know where she is right now. But I don’t really care about her. I have asked myself, if a woman could do something like this to less than two weeks old babies, what will happen if I had a bigger challenge in the future? So, I don’t want to have anything to do with her again,” he said.

It was also gathered that before meeting Adeyemi, Sarah already had five children from her first marriage.

However, a source who spoke to The Punch on the issue claims that: “The reason she fled was primarily because of the money. She also said she didn’t plan to be pregnant with twins. She said she had had five children already and to add another two would be a burden.”

Oluwabunmi, Adeyemi’s first wife, has reportedly been nursing the babies at the maternity centre since Sarah fled.

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