A woman who married two men ‘legally’ has reportedly devised a means of sleeping with each of them. Nigerian Tribune reports that the woman, Amina Kabir, is currently standing trial before the Jibiya upper sharia court, Katsina, over her acts which are contrary to sharia law of the state.


The prosecutor informed the court that the woman married her first husband in 1994, and hooked up with the second just about five months ago. According to him, the first husband, identified as Kabir Mohammed, lives in Jibiya, while Shamsu Saulawa, the new lover, lives in Katsina township. He said: “My Lord, anytime, she wants to sleep with one of them, she will tell the other that she will be travelling to either Jibiya or Katsina.” Hindatu, one of the accused woman’s friends, was said to have let the cat out of the bag after an issue that sprang up between the pair.

“Her first husband who witnessed the quarrel thought that Hindatu wanted to paint his wife black and thus he decided to sue her for defaming Amina,” the prosecutor added. Hindatu’s interrogation where she revealed that she witnessed her friend’s marriage ceremonies to both men, was attended by a large number of people. Alhaji Kabir Hamisu Bello, the presiding judge, adjourned the case till May 9 for further hearing. Recently, a woman made a shocking confession of how she cheated with her husband with a man she met on the social media. She said: “I cheated on my husband so I’m burning inside, and by the way, I need reasonable comments. I am 39 and married with 3 kids. I was a virgin before I got married to my husband and the only one I’d sex with. “I met a man on social media, Facebook to be precise, and we became friends and got very close. “Mr. J wanted to meet me face to face and we made arrangements to meet. The day he saw me, he couldn’t resist me.” Read more here.
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