A Nigerian woman on Instagram took to the social media platform to recount how she almost lost her two kids due to the negligence of a Lagos school (Crane Schools).

According to her, they kids went on a school excursion to Omu Resort, but were left in the school bus by the nanny meant to watch them.

Read her post below;
“In February, my son (3 yrs) and daughter (2 yrs), joined the rest of their schoolmates (CRANE SCHOOL, Ajah) for an excursion to OMU Resort, Bogije.

Upon getting there, both my children were left behind in the parked vehicle on a hot day with the doors locked.
The nanny took down the rest of the kids, leaving just mine. The driver closed the doors and everything, everyone went in.

Sometime later, a staff of the resort was just passing by the parking lot when he saw my son call out weakly through the window. By some divine miracle, my boy was able to open to open it slightly enough and by some luck, someone just happened to pass by.

He called out, “uncle” and the shocked man looked inside the vehicle to see my daughter passed out in the chair and my son barely conscious.Both kids were covered in sweat. My son’s eyes were terrifyingly swollen and red.
The man raised an alarm and they were able to get the bus open on time.

My daughter, at the time, was already gasping for air. They had to UnCloth them both because their bodies were burning hot. They each finished a large bottle of water as they were very dehydrated.

The resort staff asked the school for our numbers. They were determined to report their deadly negligence. For hours, Crane School refused to give it. It was not until they threatened to post pictures of my kids and the buses on social media that they finally gave in.

My husband and I rushed to the resort after the call. He insisted on seeing the driver and childminder who left the kids in the car. The school refused to tell us who they were. We wanted to know why it was just our own kids that were left in the bus. We were very suspicious that it was not an accident. The school had no answer for us.
We are now suing the school for negligence and attempted murder. Their lawyer’s response was basically for us to do our worst.

Why am I writing this? I am appealing to all parents to keep an eye on their children. If they are always afraid to go to school, do some investigation. If they get bruises often, don’t let it go. Pop in on the school unannounced from time to time to see what goes on when you’re not there.”



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