ibb-golf-clubA crisis of interest presently looms at the prestigious IBB Golf & Country Club and, if the fracas is not properly handled, the elite golf club could be staring disintegration in the face.

Early last week, word filtered out that a number of individuals believed to belong to a particular clique in the club have been pushing for the ownership of the soul of the club.

This group, LEADERSHIP Sports learnt, is bent on enforcing a change in the club’s board of trustees, which, according to these younger members, is being run by “aged men who cannot take the club to the future is has.”

Another source at the club was quick to inform LEADERSHIP Sports that the decision about the composition of the club’s board of trustees was always one made by the Federal Government.

“The FG always makes the decision about who to appoint into the club or not. Some itching young fellas cannot just pop up and decide to get rid of certain people, just because they do not like their faces or they consider them ‘too old.’

“The formation and construction of this 18-hole all-green, 6000-member golf course was championed by Senator John Shagaya, while he was serving as the Interior Minister in the regime of General Ibrahim Babangida.

“The golf course was constructed by giant construction company Julius Berger and, when Nigeria turned 50, then president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, issued it a certificate occupancy (CofO) to the land on which the golf course is constructed.

“For a club like this, well-formed and overseen by the government, that threat by these younger people – whatever their intent – to reconstitute the board of trustees, will not work,” the source explained at length.

However, while some members of the Ikoyi Golf Club has dismissed threats to reconstitute the board by the clique, long-standing statesman and member of the club, Mallam Adamu Ciroma, demanded that the whole thing be settled amicably.

“I have been playing golf since 1968 and I have been enjoying the game. I just want to keep enjoying the game when I can. I always commend the effort of General Babangida and John Shagaya in building the IBB course. So why should there be this noise [about a board of trustee]?” he asked.

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