Woman’s corpse found on Abuja-Keffi road

The corpse of a young woman has been found by a bushy stretch of the Abuja-Keffi road at Nyanyan Gwandara last Friday morning.

City News learnt from a crowd that the body might have been dumped there as there was no trace of blood where it laid.

A crowd was seen at the scene, a vast expanse of land between New Nyanya and Nyanyan Gwandara, to have a glimpse of the lifeless body of the young woman.

Bashir Musa who was at the scene told our reporter that, “I was on my way to Mararaba around 6:30a.m. when I saw people gathered.  I went there and I saw a lifeless body of a young girl and nobody could identify her at the time.”

Another resident who could not give his name said the woman lay as if she was asleep because there was no sign of blood on her body.

He said she had her clothes on and there was just a tiny patch of blood on her toe.

He said he was going to Mararaba from Kuchikau when he saw people gathered to see the corpse but on his return, he found that the police had evacuated the corpse.

The Nasarawa State Police Command spokesman, Idirisu Kennedy, replied to a text message seeking confirmation of the incident saying, “I don’t know of the incident.”

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