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‘It is unfortunate.  The newly appointed Imam of Sultan Bello Mosque, Dr. Khalid Aliyu, attended the Mosque on Friday to deliver the Prayers, but was booed, sent out of the mosque by angry and unruly youths, on top of their voices: “Bamaso! Bamaso!! Bamaso!!!”

He had to retreat. He went back to his car. It was the deputy Imam that delivered the prayers. Dr. Ahmad Gummi did not go to the mosque to conduct the prayer as he suggested he would do in the audio that was widely shared on Thursday before the Friday. But his students went to fill the first three rows in the mosque and carried the threat of stopping Dr. Khalid Aliyu from leading and delivering  the prayers, to effect.

The will of the authorities have been subverted and Dr. Gumi stood on top of it or instigated and supervised it.

The die is cast. We condemned the actions of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) when it defied the constituted authorities. We insisted all through that it is all about safety not right. That we should and must obey first then challenge in courts.

It behoves us here too to condemn in the strongest words the actions and incitements of Dr. Gumi. He must stop this. He must instruct these youths to abide by the instructions of the Sultan and the Emir of Zazzau. Let Dr. Khalid preside over and lead prayers in the mosque. Then much later they can pursue any disagreement they have with the decision in a legitimate court of law.

No matter how hated we feel by another. No matter how inactive we are towards oral  defence. The ultimate truth is nobody can hurt a believer or an idea which is bigger than the believer. Allah says in 5: 106:

“…Will not harm you (those) who (have gone) astray when you have been guided. To Allah (is) your return – all; then He will inform you of what you used to do.”

Unless when they go physical then the verses for Jihad are obvious. But before then you don’t have any need to initiate violence even if oral’


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