Zamfara state government house in total blackness over unpaid electricity bills

– The unpaid bill according to Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is up to N400 million

– A specialist hospital in the state is also affected by the electricity cut

Zamfara state government house is in total blackness following the state government’s inability to pay the electricity bills.

According to Daily Post, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)’s Business Development and Relationship Officer who spoke with journalist on Wednesday, February 15, said it became necessary to cut the government house access to electricity after the state government failed to pay its bills.

PHCN disconnects Zamfara government house electricity over unpaid electricity bil.

Mr Aminu Yakubu who spoke at PHCN office in Gusau said the Zamfara state government electricity bills has piled up over several years and the state government is now owing N400 million.

The disconnection affected some other state government’s offices including the Yariman Bakura specialist hospital which was also disconnected in spite of the fact that it was providing essential services.

Yakubu said: “Since there was no indication that the state government would pay, my head office directed that we cut the supply until the debt is settled.

“I explained the debt profile and the legislators promised to talk to the executive so that the money being owed would be settled.”

Yakuu said if the lawmakers of Zamfara state are unable to do anything about the disconnection, the state house will remain in darkness until he receives direction from his boss.

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